PKA-Kickboxing Certification

Red to Brown Belt
After passing your grading with the PKA Principal you receive an official PKA certificate and the corresponding coloured belt.

Coaching Team Course
Upon completing the Coaching Team Course you will receive your official PKA-Kickboxing Certificate from your Instructor.

Advanced Coaching Seminar
When you complete the 2-day Coaching Development Course, you will receive your official PKA-Kickboxing certificate from the PKA.

PKA-Kickboxing Black Belt
After passing your Black Belt grading with the PKA Principal, Mike Haig, you will receive the much deserved PKA-Kickboxing Black Belt and PKA-Kickboxing Plaque—a truly outstanding achievement.ng coloured belt.

PKA-Kickboxing lnstructor
The peak of PKA-Kickboxing teaching excellence. Complete the full list of requirements and the qualification of full teaching Instructor is yours.

Black Belt Dan Grades
PKA-Kickboxing recognises up to 4th Dan with a special Plaque awarded for each level