Club Courses

Special Club Courses

Nunchaku Course
For many years the Nunchaku have held an air of respect. Widely regarded as one of the most formidable and challenging weapons to master. Are you up for a go?

  • Course carefully supervised with trained instruction using foam padded Nunchaku.
  • Learn the basics of chamber position, ready position, and attack position.
  • Turning the Nunchaku, figure of eight, catching, striking, blocking.
  • Basic combinations, around the body, around the neck, doubles and triples. 

As well as a great weapon to learn it is fantastic exercise for the arms. Your Nunchaku are included in the course. Book this course with your instructor.

P.S. If you get good enough the next stage is the awesome ‘Double Nunchaku’

Street Defence Course
The threat of attack is always present nowadays. Every day in the papers or on TV are stories of children, men, woman and the elderly being attacked or worse.

If you are confronted you have to decide what to do quickly. Do you run, try to defend yourself or a combination of both? Every situation is different. If you do chose to defend yourself how far do you go? The problem with Martial Arts is the vast choice of techniques to use if you have to defend yourself.

Can you honestly say you would be confident in executing the right technique at the right time when a knife is at your face? Maybe for someone who eats, lives, breathes self defence and is hardened up the feeling of shear fear and adrenaline.

For 99.9% of the rest of us we need something you can do fairly instinctively, with determination and is simple (no, not just a kick in the groin!). By learning a few uncomplicated moves could possibly save yourself and the loved ones around you. Book yourself on the next available course with your Instructor.

Advanced Kicking
Kicking for a lot of people is not a natural movement. This course focuses on four areas:

  • Technique correction. Often it only requires a small adjustment in your foot, leg, hip, body or head position to yield fantastic results.
  • Strength and balance exercises which help tremendously in executing kicks. Little known exercises revealed.
  • Stretching advice. With many different methods around your instructor will show you which is best for you.
  • Targeting and combinations. Most peoples kicks fall short of the mark due to improper timing and/or accuracy. Specific drills are shown to eliminate this common problem.

This course is definitely not just an extended training session just kicking the kick shield some more! Often conducted in small groups your instructor will analyse, feedback and improve your kicking ability.

It’s not the height of your kick that matters but where it is placed and how effective it is – whether high, middle or low.  If you want to be a better kicker, and others say “where did that come from???”. If you want your legs to do more of the work instead of just relying on your hands. If you are already are good kicker and want more – ask your PKA-Kickboxing Instructor immediately when you can do the course.

Competition Fighting
Currently PKA-Kickboxing in the UK during competitions only use Semi Contact Rules and Light Continuous Rules. You probably have a preference to either one. Do you know what the single most important reason why people feel they could have done better at a competition? Lack of preparation for the fight. Not on the day but weeks before.

Give yourself a fighting chance and learn the right skills to win.

Those who do spar will probably already be going to special PKA sparring only classes. Great. The competition fighting course really nails down what’s needed at competitions rather than just general sparring.

You can get all too familiar with your regular sparring partner and get complacent about your abilities. The new person you fight at a competition may be a different kettle of fish.

If you are not involved with regular sparring classes then this course is a definite must to prepare you for any competition. 

The Competition Fighting course is open to any student and concentrates on:

  • Tactics
  • Point Scoring
  • Mind Games
  • Setting your opponent up
  • Countering
  • Winning Combinations
  • Speed – hands, legs and footwork
  • Self Control 

Check this course out – the results will surprise you. Again, contact your Instructor.

Judges Course
For those of you on the Instructor pathway, becoming a Black Belt or Coaching Team member the Judges course is a critical part of your learning.

Why? At any point you could be a Judge in a class or competition so knowing what to do is vitality important.

This is a practical based course simulating a sparring match. You will be trained in:

  • Both semi and light continuous judging
  • Scoring system
  • Watching correctly for points scored
  • What to do when you are unsure
  • How to handle an abusive competitor
  • Etiquette

A highly enjoyable course giving you skills to become an effective sparring judge. As always speak to your Instructor.