PKA-Kickboxing is a Martial Art. In the true tradition of any Martial Art you will embark on a progressive coloured belt system. Every few months you are assessed in what’s called a grading. First, don’t worry! A grading is not meant to put you on the spot, but give you an opportunity to show how you are improving.

PKA-Kickboxing gradings are slightly different from most traditional Martial Arts in that you do not have to learn any non-English words, you are moving around a lot and the grading is usually done in groups.

Gradings are conducted in your local club and by the PKA Principal Mr. Haig. After successfully passing a grading you will receive a PKA-Kickboxing Certificate and your New Coloured Belt.

Please read below what Mr.Haig says to prepare you for a grading:


“As part of the PKA’s on going commitment to a high standard of instruction we would like to inform you about how you are graded and assessed as part of the syllabus.

 Firstly, it’s not just your form that decides a level of proficiency nor is it your level of skill. Although skill is a very important aspect of your training its not the only aspect, as progress takes time and we are totally committed to your success and you becoming the best you can be.

Grading examinations can be stressful sometimes, particularly if you focus on failure or making mistakes. As you already know ‘you get what you focus on’. Your grading is broken down something like this—however, the order of assessment can deviate depending upon the ability of the individual, normally it is as follows:

  • Ability to perform the appropriate technical sets. We use the term ability with some flexibility with regard to how much skill you have. Potential to improve is of paramount importance so we encourage an ongoing commitment to consistent and never ending improvement.
  • Effort and enthusiasm. During the training classes your progress is monitored and records are made as to your output in every class you attend. We know everyone can have off days and a grading evaluation is based on overall progress.
  • An understanding of the applications of the technical sets… and how to incorporate them into a realistic environment on an ever increasing level.
  • Regular class attendance. A students progress is basically down to the amount of classes they attend and you are credited on your commitment to regular practice without undue absence.

Your grades are based on an individual ability and not on comparison to other students. We would also like to point out that no student is passed without justifiable ability and potential to improve within the realms of a students current standard.

The main criteria for passing grades, especially in the early stages, are your personal improvement and commitment. Your instructor would not allow you to grade if he did not feel that you had a realistic chance of passing.

We would like to wish you success and personal power and we are very happy to share in your journey towards your Black Belt and Life Mastery.”

Good luck with your grading.