PKA Kickboxing Guarantee

As the father of American Kickboxing in Great Britain and Europe, I take the responsibility of making sure that PKA-Kickboxing Instructors are of the highest quality—the best. For this reason I insist that all Instructors have Nationally Recognised Coaching Awards, Enhanced CRB checks, adequate insurance and attend regular training seminars to ensure that PKA-Kickboxing students consistently have the benefits of ongoing developments in the sport that they love.

Unfortunately due to the popularity of Kickboxing there are many bogus instructors about. As the PKA are the founders of American Kickboxing our members have the confidence and knowledge that they are learning the real thing. The PKA offers a pure American Kickboxing system, not something dreamed up by some second rate martial artist trying to cash in on its popularity.

The PKA started American Kickboxing, it is here now and it will be here in the future. If you are ever unhappy about one of your Kickboxing lessons we will refund your training fee. Very few Martial Arts offers this guarantee and follow through with it. I also guarantee that you will find training in the congenial atmosphere of a PKA-Kickboxing club an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

You will learn new skills, meet new friends and enter a very rewarding phase of your life.

     May I welcome you into the world of PKA-Kickboxing